Enzyme Wash Interlining

are specially coated with washable proof resins. This is an altimate solution for all kinds of enzyme stone or harsh washes.

Garment Dyed Interlining

It can withstand extreme conditions in garment dyeing process. A bread and butter for this kind of production.

Colored Interlining

provide more than 60 colors for option.

Printed Interlining

An innovative product, which is applicable on both front side and reverse side. Adding a new meaning with conceptional design-oriented application.

Tape Interlining

give various solutions for tailoring applications: armhole, bridal, neckline and conotour waistband reinforcement tapes.

Embroidery Interlining

It is highly recommended for top grade garments and embroidered products. No trace after rinsed by water.

Anti Moire Interlining

To avoid a secondary and visually evident superimposed pattern created.

Green Life Interlining

An innovative energy-saving product, it allows to apply a much lower fusing temperature, and/or a shorter dwell time to melt resins without compensating its adhesive power and softness of interlining base.

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